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To many people, the 90s was the single most important decade as far as the development of Electronic Music is concerned. The Second Summer of Love in 1988 and 1989 led to an explosion of new music as rave culture began to take hold in Britain and beyond. At first it was singles, then compilations, but as the 90s began, more and more great Electronic artist albums began to emerge. Around them, whole new genres were spawned.

These pages list the best Electronic albums of the 90s, as chosen by the members of TWGEEMA, The World's Greatest Ever Electronic Music Albums group. TWGEEMA has more than 5000 members. It is made up of collectors, Electronic Music producers, record label bosses and other industry insiders. To discover more about TWGEEMA or to join the group yourself, click here.

This is part of a much bigger chart, which includes the best Electronic albums of all time. To see that, click here.

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