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How it works

The TWGEEMA Chart is thought to be the most comprehensive and democratic Electronic Music album chart ever compiled. It was created over a period of four years by a group made up of more than 5000 people, all of them serious collectors and enthusiasts of Electronic Music, and many of them highly-respected experts in the field. These people were invited to submit their own favourite ever Electronic Music albums to the group. Each time an album was submitted by a new person this was counted as a vote for that album. The more times an album was submitted, the more votes it got. By this process, over time, the TWGEEMA chart gradually emerged.

The TWGEEMA Chart has been used to create the TWGEEMA Best of Year charts, which you can access by clicking here or on the button labelled Year Index, below. As in the main TWGEEMA Chart, the albums in the Best of Year charts are ranked in order of how many times they were independently posted by different group members. On the rare occasions where albums were posted the same number of times, they were subsequently ranked in order of their average Discogs user ratings.


Every album on this website is linked to its Discogs master page. These can be accesssed by clicking on its title.

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